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DTECH empowering serious number of exam automation operations worldwide including biggest operation in EMEA is offering its unique product and industry expertise to your service.

EAS© Exam Product offers a scalable solution from high schools to government entities to create an omnichannel experience between digital and physical world. Built -in question bank and task management features completes the picture of examination extending content entry to administrative level solving your all requirement with one single solution.



EAS © approaches Exam operation life-cycle with a holistic set of components extending from core functionalities to complementary steps of a successful operation.

With EAS © closed loop solution, your exam operation gets smart with each cycle it runs. State-of-art question bank component auto adjust question meta information upon feedback coming answer processing module.

All process, document designs, reports, task management are on your fingertips to change and customize with embedded WYSIWYG workflow and document designers.

exam-managmenet solution
exam management features

Keeping all content under encryption, EAS© also provides metadata based generation where questions are kept confidential till production.

Same EAS © question bank allows production of exam content in digital interactive or physical printed forms.

From data collection to final production EAS© is equipped with content and data check points ensuring zero fault output production

Connect any known data source from legacy systems to modern systems to personalized build exam documents through native connectors

Embedded task manager allows you to collaborate on question entry, exam preparation and grading thru single access point.

Turn your exam operation to omni-channel dialogues with system content memory over state-of-art persistent communication mode